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Friday 2 March 2018

Frozen Grouper Fish Wholesale - Grouper Fish Suppliers for sale.

By On March 02, 2018
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Thursday 1 March 2018

Grouper Fish Suppliers

By On March 01, 2018
Grouper fish suppliers sold fresh and frozen grouper fish in a whole, fillets, and steaks. The delicate flavor offered by the grouper is what makes people love it so much. The grouper is a member of bass family and they are swimming in warm tropical waters. The two top species of grouper often sold in the seafood market and restaurant are black grouper and red grouper. They are highly valued in fishing industry as export and import seafood commodities.
Most of the grouper fish is caught by hook and like fishing method, it is because they like to inhabit between coral reefs. The harvesting of grouper fish each year can reach millions of fish due to the high market demand. The regulators keep monitoring grouper harvesting to make sure that they are not over fishing and the fishers remain using sustainable method. Not to mention grouper is considered to be slow in reproduce thus making this species very vulnerable. Grouper usually comes in large school and so make them easier to be caught.
Why you need to buy grouper from grouper fish suppliers?
When you open seafood restaurant business, of course you need to make sure that your grouper stock is always available since many people might order it. To be able to buy grouper fish, you should find trusted supplier which can deliver to you some high quality of grouper product.
Most of the grouper is sold in a whole, fillets, and steaks thus you need to tell the supplier about what kind of fish product you want to order. Grouper fillets are the most preferred cut types by many chefs because they offer nice plating and they are also easy to cook. You do not need to prepare or clean the fish that much when you order fillets or steaks.
Here are the reasons of why you need to by grouper from trusted grouper suppliers:
1.      Grouper is one of the most popular seafood in the world. They are favored by many people due to its delicious mild flavor. Not to mention they also offer nice plating when you serve it to the customer.
2.      Grouper is also respond well to almost cooking method, making it versatile fish that you love to try in different recipes.
3.      Grouper offer healthy nutritional benefits because they contain omega-3 fatty acids which essential for heart, protein, minerals, and vitamins. If you go on diet, then surely the grouper is one of the best options to be tried once in awhile.
4.      Grouper is available year round so it is easy for you to order and buy them from fresh or frozen grouper fish suppliers.
5.      Grouper is available in different cuts including fillets and steaks. However, you can also order grouper fish in a whole.
6.      If the customer is bored with salmon, tuna, herring, mackerel, and such then you can offered them to try grouper because the fish has unique taste with mild flavor.
7.      Grouper price is also affordable especially if you want to bulk order the fish from frozen or fresh grouper suppliers.
This is why you need to order grouper fish because they are very versatile and can be cooked in various cooking method. The grouper can be enjoyed by overall customer.
How much to buy grouper fish? If you want to order grouper fish for personal use or you want to serve per customer then we suggest it is enough to buy the grouper around:
-          Grouper in a whole: 3/4 to 1 pound per serving.
-          Grouper in steaks or fillets: 1/4 to 1/3 pound per serving.
-          Grouper cleaned and dressed: 1/2 pound per serving.
Grouper fish buying guides
Although you can find good grouper fish suppliers online or at the market, you still need to depend on your senses when you want to buy grouper to make sure that you get desirable fish. Here are some simple guides which you can follow when you purchase grouper fish in:
-          Fresh whole grouper
When it comes for you to buy fresh grouper fish in a whole, the first thing you need to check is the appearance. Make sure that the grouper has bright and shiny skin with tight scales. Moreover their gills should appear deep red to pink and there is no off putting odor, mucus, and slime. Try to smell the grouper, it needs to have fresh aroma similar to the ocean. The fish should not have cuts or protruding bones and their belly cavities also clean.
-          Fresh grouper fillets and steaks
When you want to purchase grouper cuts in fillets and steaks then you should pay attention to their flesh, they need to appear translucent and the meat is very firm, not separating. Check also for any discoloration, avoid buy them if that happens. They should smile nice and fresh just like the ocean and if the fillets and steaks are packaged then the package need to ensure the fillets and steaks from bent in unnatural position. Moreover, do not buy them if you see that the package is torn, crushed, or damaged in any ways.
-          Frozen grouper in a whole, fillets, and steaks
To buy frozen grouper in either cuts, you can follow the methods above, however just make sure that there is no ice burn or ice crystal on the packaging or the fish. The ice crystal is the sign that the fish is already frozen for a long of time. When buying fillets, it is better to purchase skin on grouper because it will be easier for you to tell whether the fillets are the real grouper or not.
It is okay to check for any information from the suppliers when you want to purchase the grouper fish. One of the most important information is about the sustainability. You need to ensure that the suppliers offer sustainable grouper that caught with the right fishing method which not damage other sea animals and environment.
Another thing you need to check is information about where they sourced the fish. Make sure that the fish is not taken from farmed fishing because they have higher mercury and toxins than wild caught grouper. You may want to add other questions to the grouper fish suppliers before you decide to order from them.

Grouper Fish Wholesale

By On March 01, 2018
Grouper fish wholesale sold in the market available in both fresh and frozen state. After the fish were caught on boat they are immediately frozen to lock the freshness. The grouper fish then shipped directly to the facilities for further process so they are ready to be sold in the stores and other destinations. You can buy the grouper fish in a wholesale fresh, frozen, and partially frozen. The grouper fish is available year round so you can purchased the fish any time you need it, although the peak season of grouper fish is in the warm season such as summer and spring season.
Types of grouper fish wholesale available in the market
There are many type of grouper fish available for wholesale market, you can buy the fish for your restaurant business or personal use. Here are some of the grouper fish sold in offline and online market such as:
1.      Fresh grouper fish
Although they are sold as grouper fish, however the fish still quickly frozen on the boat to prevent spoilage happen. However, the fish then thawed when they are arrive in the market and then labeled as fresh grouper fish. However, you can also buy the fish on boat when they are really in the freshest state, but the fish can last for 2 to 3 days only before they are spoilage and thus you need to cook them immediately.
Beside fresh grouper fish wholesale in the market, they are also fresh steak and fillets available in grocery stores or sold by the fishmonger. You can purchase a whole fish and then ask the fishmonger filleting the grouper fish for you. Of course the cost might increase due to the filleting cost. Second, you can buy fillet or steak grouper fish at grocery stores. But you need to be careful when buying fresh fillets or steaks in the stores because you may end up with undesired meats. If you are not careful, the fillets or steaks that you buy is maybe previously thawed which mean that they are not the freshest fish you buy.
Here are some signs that indicate that the grouper fish still in fresh condition:
·         For whole grouper fish, they should appear bright and shiny especially the skin and scales.
·         The fish eyes should also appear bright and not dull or sunken. If the fish looks sunken the avoid buying it.
·         The flesh for the whole fish or steaks and fillets should be tight and not flakes. When you press the flesh then it should spring back as a sign of fresh fish.
·         When buying fillets or steaks, they should not appear dry especially around the edge.
·         They need to smell fresh just like the ocean and they are not smell off putting or smell stink.
That’s several considerations when you want to buy grouper fish wholesale in the market. Pay attention to the signs of fresh fish before you buy to get the premium quality. Usually the fresh grouper fish is displayed at the seafood counter on top of ice pack. The grouper fish need to be separated with other fish to prevent contamination with other seafood products.
2.      Frozen grouper fish
Frozen grouper fish might be the best option especially when you cannot find good quality fresh grouper. In fact, frozen fish can be as good as the fresh fish if the suppliers know to handle and store them properly meaning that the quality of the fish is also depend on how the sellers handling them. Most of the frozen fish is stored inside the freezer with special setting temperature to keep the frozen fish in hard state.
Frozen grouper fish wholesale available in a whole, steaks, and fillets. They are usually sold inside vacuum air packaging to prevent bacteria which can spoil the fish. That’s why when you buy frozen fish, you should check whether the package is torn or crushed or damaged in any ways then do not buy it. Moreover, if you spot some ice burn or ice crystal on the fish then it is better to not buy it as well because it is the sign that the frozen grouper is an old grouper.
Sustainable grouper fish wholesale seafood
Maintaining healthy ocean environment and the other sea animals is important when the grouper fish is caught by the fishermen. Good grouper fish wholesale suppliers will source their fish from sustainable caught and this is means you need to check the suppliers first before order grouper fish from them. You should make sure that the supplier’s product labeled with sustainable seafood certification. It is also to ensure that the fish you buy were caught with sustainable fishing method. Since the grouper is like to inhabit coral reefs, usually they are caught with line and hook method.
Besides sustainability, trusted suppliers usually have knowledge about what kind of grouper fish they sold. This is include where the fish are caught, whether they are wild caught or farmed, whether the fish is overfishing or not, and many more. The suppliers should have responsibility of their sustainable product. Moreover, when the buyers ask them about such information, they will provide information about their sustainability. When you ask the suppliers, but they are not willingly to give you any information then they cannot be trusted. DO NOT buy grouper fish from such un-trusted suppliers who cannot even provide information about sustainable fishing.
Where you can buy grouper fish wholesale?
You can buy grouper fish in wholesale from local stores such as supermarket or grocery stores that offer wholesale seafood. However, if you want to get the freshest fish then go buy on boat where the fish still in their fresh state and not being frozen. Alternatively, you can buy grouper fish from online shopping or exporters. This is mean that you buy them without need to visit local stores and you buy it trough site or e-mail. Find trusted grouper fish wholesale suppliers before you place an order and ask them when the fish will arrive right in front of your door. You should make sure that they have guarantee for delivery risks.

Grouper Fish in Indonesia Farming Production Method

By On March 01, 2018
You might want to know how grouper fish in Indonesia is farmed and grow as there is stabile supply of this product in the grouper market with high quality. As you know, the demand of this product in the market with high quality is very high. And what makes it better is that this food fish also known to have great economical value. This is why; a lot country is trying to get their hands on the largest market share as best as they can. And Indonesia is known as one of the country that does a great job in farming and growing this fish to supply the market.

Method to Farm Grouper Fish in Indonesia
When it comes to farming grouper fish in Indonesia they will do it since the grouper is still in juvenile form. This is so the fish will get accustomed in staying in the farming area where they will grow. At first, they will be stored inside the nursery area which can be on the nusrery pond or special floating net. For the pond, the sizing usually at 100m by 100m with 1m or 1.5m for the deep. This is enough for the juvenile to grow inside the pond. Especially since the juvenile sizing is only in 5cm to 7cm for the length. This makes every m2 of the pool, you can put inside at around 100 of the juvenile.
The juvenile that staying inside this nursery pond will then be feed using frozen fish. Then after around 14 days until 28 days, they will grow bigger with around 10cm to 12cm for the length.  Then the grouper fish in Indonesia farmer will give them different food which is the trash fish to make them grows larger. Afterward the farmer will give them another different food which is fish meal, vitamins, and also some minerals. This will make then grow until 15cm to 20cm for the length. With this length this means now they have turned to be fry which already enough to be moved into the next area for growing such as growing pond which will have brackish water or on larger net cage.
For now let us discuss the farming method done in Indonesia which using the net cage as the growing place. Is method is done when the growing place is near the sea area that can give them brackish water naturally. Of course, there should not be any predators in the growing place that might threaten the fishes. The place should also have strong wind as well as wave with enough flow for the water to exchange. The water itself should also have the right quality which needed by the grouper fish when growing inside the net cage.
For the net cage grouper fish in Indonesia farming, the cage itself will be consisting of poles and net. For the poles they will be made using bamboo and for the net it will be made using polyethylene. The net itself will consist of two panels which will be forming the cage structure. The first panel will be use to made up the four sides of the cage structure. Meanwhile the second panel will be use to made up the bottom flooring of the cage structure. Then this cage structure will be tied into the poles using rope for secure in raft like for the structure. There would be several buoyancies which also tied into the structure that is created using water gallon.
Meanwhile for the water in the place should also have temperature that stays in between the 30 degree down to 27 degree of Celsius. Then it should contained oxygen as much as in 5 mg/liter with the level of salinity is at 30 percent down to 26 percent and the level of ph is at 8.3 point down to 7.8 point. Thus before the farming use the place to grow the grouper fish, this means that the farmer will need to test the quality of the water to ensure every properties are suitable for the grouper fish.
The yielding result that the grouper fish in Indonesia farmer will get is actually depends on the place where the net cage is located as well as other factors such as the properties of the feed and water. In normal condition with 5m x 5m x 3m sizing net cage, the yielding result will be at 600kg. It will take around 7 months for the grouper fish to grow from the juvenile state until they can have 600 gram weight.
For the farming that is done in the pond, then the density will really affect the yielding result. This is the reason why; the depth of the pond should be at 2m. Then the bottom area of the pond will be leveled to help with the harvesting process. For the sizing, the pond can have at around 0.2ha to 0.3ha sizing with around 1.5m for the height. After the sizing is correct, then what needs to be done is to provide water with the right properties inside the pond area. Do not forget that the properties of the water used in the pond are different with the properties of water used in the previous method. For the pond then the water properties should be in 330 mg/liter for the level of salinity then the temperature should stays in between the 32 degree down to 16 degree of Celsius.
Actually the result that this farming method provided is very large which will make up a lot of amount. Especially since the result can reach around, 19 tons to 20 tons of grouper fisher in one hectare of the pond. As you can see, this result is very large which surely help with the supply of grouper fish in Indonesia to the world market. These also make them able to get large part of the market share especially in this specific industry. There is no doubt that the great production quality that the country has also gives grouper fish product high quality which searches by market people around the world.

Grouper Fish Population Importance for Sea Ecosystem

By On March 01, 2018
You might want to get more information about grouper fish population in their natural habitat especially since this fish is very popular all around the world. Actually when speaking about the grouper fish, you should know that there are two of the species types that are popular among other species. The first one is the Nassau grouper species while the second one is the Black grouper species. For the first grouper species, you can find the population spread on the western area of Atlantic Ocean, all around Caribbean Sea area, and in several area of the Mexico Gulf. Then for the second grouper species, you can find the population spread on the coast of Bermuda area, the western area of Atlantic Ocean, all around Caribbean Sea area, and in several area of the Mexico Gulf.

Effect of Grouper Fish Population in the Habitat
Actually you can find grouper fish population spread at various areas all around the world. But usually every species of grouper fish likes to choose their own area where they populate and grow. That is why; every species of grouper fish might populate different area in the world. Nevertheless, most of them will populate certain place in those areas. For example the grouper fish juvenile will populate places in those areas that are closer to the shore. The reason is they will be able to stay on the sea grass bed or on the tidal pool and use it as their hiding place while growing to become adult grouper fish. While populating these places, they will eat small creatures that they can found on the sea water for example small crustaceans, microalgae, and even plankton.
Meanwhile the adult grouper fish will populate places that are deeper such as the bottom of the sea. You can also found grouper fish population spread in the tropical as well as subtropical places around the world but most of the time, their population is around the coral reef area. You should also know that for mostly the grouper fish would stay in their individual hideout and would not spread in school. The only time when you can find them gathered around in large school is on their reproduction time. Usually they will populate places where they can find a lot of other sea fishes that they can feed on such as snapper, wrasse, damselfish, and parrotfish. They will also feed on other sea creature that they can find while staying in that area such as octopus, crustaceans, crab and lobster.
You can find significant grouper fish population growth as this fish likes to stay in the same place in very long period. The reason might be because they are not fast swimmer and they cannot cover long distance traveling. That is why; all they do is to hide in their spot and wait for their pray to come closer so they can ambush them with their powerful and strong jaw. However, there are several grouper species that display unique behavior by following eel when it goes to forage the bottom of the sea. This behavior is done so they can feed on the small fish and even crustacean that tries to run away from the eel that forage their hiding place.
Usually the grouper fish population decrease will happen when there are a lot of predators in their area. Some of their natural predators are barracuda, sandbar shark, hammerhead shark, moray eels, and king mackerel. So in order to avoid those predators they will stay hidden for most of their live. They also develop unique ability which allows them to change the color of their body which will surely give them a lot of advantage when hiding. The color change can also be done very fast so their body will match with the color of the environment where they currently hiding. This change is also done by the change on their mood. When they get attacked by the predators, they will go into holes that cannot be reached by those predators. Then they will quickly change the color of their body for camouflage.
There will be large grouper fish population increase when it time for their reproduction time which happen in the winter season at the full moon. This also caused by the sudden change on their behavior as they usually hide but then coming out in this reproduction time. Then they will form very large school in this reproduction time which sometimes can even reach 100,000 amounts of grouper fish in one school. This method is done so they can increase their population by increasing the success probability of their mating. Then when the spawn is done by large amount of grouper fish at once, this also means that the survival chance for their spawn will also increase which in the end will also increase their population.
This is important as the female grouper fish population will only spawn one time in a year period. This may be another problem if they are not protogynous hermaphrodite. However since they have this unique behavior, then this would not really affect their population. But if you take note only on the juvenile state of the grouper fish, then you will notice that most of the population will consist of female. This is understandable as they can later transform into male grouper once they grow larger. The female grouper fish will spawn one or two time before they might transform into male grouper. This is also happen when the male population decrease significantly which makes them have to transform.
Actually the grouper population itself plays very important role in the reef population where they reside. Enough grouper population will ensure that other sea fish would not go in rage and it will also control several other fish population so it would not get too overpopulate the area. This is why it is important to study grouper fish population statistic well if you want to know more about the important of their role in the other fish population. And it is also important to ensure that their population to stay stabile.

Fresh Grouper Market

By On March 01, 2018
Fresh grouper market is a place where you can buy grouper fish in its freshest condition. In this market there are many suppliers offering grouper fish in different size and types. But, most of the grouper caught and sold by the market is red grouper and black grouper. They are very favored by many restaurant businesses due to the nice plating appearance and its delicious unique but mild flavor.
The grouper is warm water fish which can be found around coral reefs, they have lean white meat with very firm texture which is good to be cooked with many cooking methods including baking, grilling, frying, steaming, and many more. They offer delicate taste and when served in fillets, they appear appealing to the customer. The grouper is varied in size depending on their species; however most of the grouper caught and sold in the fresh grouper market have average weight around 5 to 20 pounds.

Why eat fresh grouper?
Of course fresh fish will always be the first selection for fish recipe since they offer more nutritious benefits and their meat is in greater condition rather than frozen fish. Fresh grouper is also become favorites by many people who have health concern. It is not only delicious but the fish is packed by many nutrient contents.
Health benefits of grouper fish can be found in its fatty content called omega-3 fatty acids. This substance has been used for a long time for its advantage to lower cardiovascular disease. In addition to the omega-3 fats, this fish also lower in calories. 4 ounces of raw fresh grouper fish only contain about 110 calories and it is considered to be low. Grouper does not have saturated fats and zero carbohydrate.
If you want to eat healthy seafood then select grouper because it contains 55 grams of cholesterol meaning this fish is low in cholesterol and good for your diet. Not to mention, the grouper rich in lean protein which useful to build tissue muscles. When you are on diet, it is better to eat food rich in lean protein just like grouper fish because it will help you to feel full and control your starving.
Guides to buy grouper at fresh grouper market
Many people agree to consider grouper as one of the best fish for many cooking recipes. They offer mild flavor but unique taste like no other fish. Grouper can be purchased in either frozen or fresh seafood. They also sold in cuts like steaks and fillets. But you can buy grouper in a fresh whole fish since they offer more meats than fillets or steaks.
If you want to get cheaper and more affordable fresh grouper market price then you can purchase the fish in a whole. When you buy in seafood market your chance to get cheaper price is higher than when you buy fish fillets and steaks due to the labor cost of filleting and cut the fish.
In addition, to get cheaper price you may want to develop good relationship with the dealers or fresh grouper market suppliers so the suppliers willingly to sell to you their best grouper fish product. Moreover, you can ask them for discounted price especially when you bulk order for your business.
Selecting fresh fish is quite a challenge. If you not pay attention to the fish you may end up with less desirable grouper. Some fresh grouper sold might be previously frozen grouper and then labeling them as fresh fish and thus you need to be careful when buying fresh fish. Furthermore, there is some mislabeling case when the supplier sold other type of fish but label them as grouper fish which is illegal of course. So, if you do not want to get scammed by the suppliers, here are some guides to select fresh grouper fish in the seafood market:
·         You need to check and see the fish directly, visit the market and select the fish on your own. How if you want to purchase online? Ask for detailed information including the picture of the grouper fish and some sample.
·         You need to use your sense when buying fresh fish. See the fish appearance to tell that the skin still bright with shiny and tight scales. Smell the fish to make sure that they have fresh odor just like the ocean. If they smell bad then do not buy it. Moreover, when buying the fish, you need to press it to make sure that the texture is firm and not flake. When you press down the flesh using your finger, the fish flesh will bounce back and it is mean they are still fresh.
·         Fresh grouper market often offer different types of fish but mostly red and black grouper species. You need to ask them what kind of grouper species they sold before you buying and check for their overall appearance to ensure that they really offer ‘true grouper’ instead of mislabeling another fish.
·         Ask where they source the fish: is the grouper wild caught or farmed? Is the grouper caught with sustainable fishing method or not? You need to ask as much as information without need to be shy because it is your money that you are going to pay to them. You need to get desired grouper product by paying the money.
Buying grouper on boat or seafood market?
If you want to get the freshest grouper fish then buy on boat. They are the real deal when it comes to the freshest fish. Purchasing the fish in the seafood market might become the second option when you live far away from the sea or the coast. However, grouper in the seafood market may not the freshest fish. After the grouper is caught on boat they are individually frozen to lock the freshness. But, it needs several days till the grouper fish really reach the seafood market. However, when you really does not have any option to buy fresh grouper from fresh grouper market, then it is better to buy frozen because they are in fact a fresh grouper that deep frozen.

Net Cage and Pond Grouper Fish Farming Method

By On March 01, 2018
You might be wondering how grouper fish farming is done as it is actually a marine fish but now it is already farmed in various places around the world. Furthermore this fish industry is one of the most important in the market currently. As a lot of people, from different country begins to gain some interest in this fish farming. Furthermore grouper fish itself is known to have great economical value since their taste is delicious especially their flavor and texture. Because of that, there are even big export market intended for this food fish which mostly on big countries.

Information about Grouper Fish Farming Method
The first step that is done on grouper fish farming, is to ensure that the fingerling taken care of from the start since they need to be accustomed to grow inside the pond or net cage for farming purpose. The earliest fingerling can be stocked inside small pond used for nursery or inside net cage that is floating. You can make a pond with 100 meters by 100 meters size and one to one and a half meters in deep as the nursery pond. Then you can put the fish fingerling inside the nursery pond.
This grouper usually has 5 cm to 7 cm in length for the fingerling. Thus you can put 100 fingerlings for every sq meter of the nursery pond. While growing inside this nursery pond, then the fingerling will be feed using frozen fish. Then they will grow around ten to twelve centimeters in two to four weeks time. Afterwards you can change their food using trash fish so they will grow even more. Then you can change again their food using minerals, fish meal and some vitamins until they grow around fifteen to twenty centimeters in size. At this size, then the fry will be ready to be move into the next growing area which is ponds with brackish water or net cage.
First let us discuss about the net cage which used as the first growing area option. This net cage is used when the grouper fish farming is done near the ocean area with natural brackish water source. The site itself should be free from any of the grouper natural predators. There should also be great wave and strong wind in this area. This is important since then you can be sure that the water exchange is enough. Of course, you should also ensure that the water has good quality for the fry to grow.
The construction of the cage itself can be made using bamboo as the poles then using polyethylene net. Then you need to create 2 panels using the net. The first panel has four sides to create the side of the cage and the second panel is used to close the bottom of the cage. Then you need to secure the net cage using the bamboo as the poles which made up the structure that similar to raft. Use rope to tie the net cage into the bamboo, and then do not forget to also add buoyancy using plastic gallons that you can also attach to the poles.
The grouper fish farming need to be done in water that has 27 degree Celsius until 30 degree Celsius temperature. The oxygen content should be in 5 mg/liter and the salinity level is at 26 percent to 30 percent with ph level at 7.8 until 8.3. That is why; if you want to farm the grouper fish using this net cage method, then you need to check the water to ensure they are in optimal parameters.
As of the result, it is really depends on the location of the net cage as well as other things such as the water quality and feeding. But normally, if you use 5 meters by 5 meters by 3 meters net cage size, then it can yield result around 600 kilograms in around seven months time since the first stocking started with the grouper fish is at 600 grams weight.
Next let us talk the grouper fish farming that using pond as the growing option. When you use this method, then you really need to pay attention to the density of the pond. Thus generally the pond should have 2 meters depth. The bottom of the pond needs to get leveled so it will be easier to harvest the grouper fish later on. The size of the pond can vary at around 0.2 hectare to 0.2 hectare size with 1.5 meter height. Then you also need to provide continuous flow of water with the right parameters. The parameters for pond fish farming and cage net fish farming is slightly different. For the pond method, you need to have 330 mg/liter salinity level and 16 degree Celsius until 32 degree Celsius for the temperature.
When you use this open pond farming method, then there will be green algae that growing in the bottom of the pond since there are sunlight that can help them to grow. That is why; you need to remove the algae frequently. You can also install pipe system inside the pond which can be used to throw out the excreta and waste that accumulate at the bottom of the pond every day.
For the grouper fish farming stocking, you can keep nine centimeters to twelve centimeters size fry at 40,000 amounts for every hectare of the pond. Ideally the fry will then grow until around thirty centimeters in length with around 600 grams to 800 grams weight. They will take around seven to eight month to grow. And in the end, you will get yield at around nineteen tons to twenty tons for every hectare of the pond.
As you can see, doing grouper fish farming will really give huge result, especially if you do it in large area in any method that you prefers. And with high economical value, you will also get huge profit when doing this fish farming. Thus you might want to try to enter this industry and be the part of the grouper fish market and industry.

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