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Thursday 1 March 2018

Grouper Aquaculture Farming Method

You might want to know more information about grouper aquaculture as this food fish is not only caught in the sea anymore as now it can be farm easily. The reason might be because there are high demand of this food fish from everywhere in the world. Thus to supply great amount of this food product, then people try to developed easier method that they can use to provide more for the market. This is the reason why aquaculture is chosen to create the product that they need in higher quality with easier method possible. And if you are interested in the process, then you might want to learn about it here.

Method Used in Grouper Aquaculture
To start the grouper aquaculture, the first thing that the farmer needs to do is to breed the fingerlings in the area that they provided. It is important since later on, the fingerling will stay inside the nurturing area so they will be more costumed to stay in an area which they will grow later on. The first type of fingerling that the farmer gets will then be nurtured inside smaller size nurturing pond or the nursery net cage that floats. For the nursery pond, it usually measured at 100 meters x 100 meters for the size with 1 meter to 1.5 meter for the depth. Then the fish fingerling will be stored inside this nursery pond for several times.
The grouper aquaculture fingerling that is stored inside the nursery pond is usually having 5 cm until 7 cm for the length. So the farmer will put at 100 amounts of fingerlings on each of the square meter of the pond. Then when the fingerling is living inside this nursery pond, the farmer will give them frozen fish to eat. Then after at around 14 days to 28 days, then the fingerling can grow bigger into 10 cm until 12 cm for the length. So the farmer will give to them trash fish to eat which will make them grow further. Then after that the farmer will give to them minerals, some vitamins, and fish meal to eat which will make them grow until they have 15 cm until 20 cm for the length. Then after that the farmer will move the fingerling that already grows to be fry into growing place that has larger sizing. There are two types of growing place that the farmer can use.
The first one is the net cage which will be use when the grouper aquaculture is done near natural water area with plenty of brackish water for the supply. But of course, the area should not have any predators that can threaten the fingerling when they are in the net cage. Furthermore the wind as well as the wave should be strong. And more importantly the water exchange should be enough since it is highly needed by the fingerlings. Then lastly the farmer should also ensure that the water has all of the needed quality that the fry need when they grow inside the net cage.
The grouper aquaculture can be start by making the net cage using bamboo for the pole material along with the polyethylene as the net material. For the net itself, there will be two kinds of panels that are created. The first one is to create the four sides on the cage, and then the second one is to create the bottom side on the cage. Those panels would then be secured to the bamboo for the pole. Then the farmer would then add some buoyancy from plastic gallons material which will then be attached to the bamboo poles.
The aquaculture itself needs being done inside water which have 27 degree on the Celsius to the 30 degree on the Celsius for the temperature. Then the oxygen level should be at 5mg/liter then the salinity content should be at 26 percentages until 30 percentages then the ph level should be on 7.8 point to 8.3 point. This is the reason why the farmers that uses net cage as their aquaculture type will done some check especially for the water quality so the parameters would all be optimal.
For the expected grouper aquaculture result actually highly depends to the location where the farmer put net cage and of course the other factor for example the food as well as water quality. However, on the normal rate, when the farmer uses 5 meter to 5 meter to 3 meter for the cage size, then it will usually yield some profit at 600 kilograms for the seven months farming time which counted from the first fingerling stocking. The weight of the fish itself will be around 500 grams.
For the second type of growing place that the farmer uses is the pond. On this growing place, then the farmer will need to closely attend on the pond density level. This is why the farmer will create the pond with 2 meters for the depth. Then the bottom part of pond will be leveled since then it will get easier for the farmer to harvest their grouper fish in the end. For the sizing, they may be varied, however they usually at 0.2 hectare until 0.3 hectare for the size and 1.5 meter for the height. The farmer should also able to take care the water so it will flow continuously and still in the good parameters. Then for the water parameters itself are actually a little bit different than the previous grouper aquaculture type. On this type of growing pond, then the salinity level would be at 330 mg/liter then the temperature would be at 16 degree on the Celsius to 32 degree on the Celsius.
As you can see, the pond is usually open, thus there would be some green algae which grows at the bottom part on the pond as there would be a lot of sunlight which also help their growth. This is the reason the farmer will also remove the algae out frequently to ensure that the grouper aquaculture is done properly so the result is amazing.

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