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Thursday, 1 March 2018

Grouper Fish in Indonesia Farming Production Method

You might want to know how grouper fish in Indonesia is farmed and grow as there is stabile supply of this product in the grouper market with high quality. As you know, the demand of this product in the market with high quality is very high. And what makes it better is that this food fish also known to have great economical value. This is why; a lot country is trying to get their hands on the largest market share as best as they can. And Indonesia is known as one of the country that does a great job in farming and growing this fish to supply the market.

Method to Farm Grouper Fish in Indonesia
When it comes to farming grouper fish in Indonesia they will do it since the grouper is still in juvenile form. This is so the fish will get accustomed in staying in the farming area where they will grow. At first, they will be stored inside the nursery area which can be on the nusrery pond or special floating net. For the pond, the sizing usually at 100m by 100m with 1m or 1.5m for the deep. This is enough for the juvenile to grow inside the pond. Especially since the juvenile sizing is only in 5cm to 7cm for the length. This makes every m2 of the pool, you can put inside at around 100 of the juvenile.
The juvenile that staying inside this nursery pond will then be feed using frozen fish. Then after around 14 days until 28 days, they will grow bigger with around 10cm to 12cm for the length.  Then the grouper fish in Indonesia farmer will give them different food which is the trash fish to make them grows larger. Afterward the farmer will give them another different food which is fish meal, vitamins, and also some minerals. This will make then grow until 15cm to 20cm for the length. With this length this means now they have turned to be fry which already enough to be moved into the next area for growing such as growing pond which will have brackish water or on larger net cage.
For now let us discuss the farming method done in Indonesia which using the net cage as the growing place. Is method is done when the growing place is near the sea area that can give them brackish water naturally. Of course, there should not be any predators in the growing place that might threaten the fishes. The place should also have strong wind as well as wave with enough flow for the water to exchange. The water itself should also have the right quality which needed by the grouper fish when growing inside the net cage.
For the net cage grouper fish in Indonesia farming, the cage itself will be consisting of poles and net. For the poles they will be made using bamboo and for the net it will be made using polyethylene. The net itself will consist of two panels which will be forming the cage structure. The first panel will be use to made up the four sides of the cage structure. Meanwhile the second panel will be use to made up the bottom flooring of the cage structure. Then this cage structure will be tied into the poles using rope for secure in raft like for the structure. There would be several buoyancies which also tied into the structure that is created using water gallon.
Meanwhile for the water in the place should also have temperature that stays in between the 30 degree down to 27 degree of Celsius. Then it should contained oxygen as much as in 5 mg/liter with the level of salinity is at 30 percent down to 26 percent and the level of ph is at 8.3 point down to 7.8 point. Thus before the farming use the place to grow the grouper fish, this means that the farmer will need to test the quality of the water to ensure every properties are suitable for the grouper fish.
The yielding result that the grouper fish in Indonesia farmer will get is actually depends on the place where the net cage is located as well as other factors such as the properties of the feed and water. In normal condition with 5m x 5m x 3m sizing net cage, the yielding result will be at 600kg. It will take around 7 months for the grouper fish to grow from the juvenile state until they can have 600 gram weight.
For the farming that is done in the pond, then the density will really affect the yielding result. This is the reason why; the depth of the pond should be at 2m. Then the bottom area of the pond will be leveled to help with the harvesting process. For the sizing, the pond can have at around 0.2ha to 0.3ha sizing with around 1.5m for the height. After the sizing is correct, then what needs to be done is to provide water with the right properties inside the pond area. Do not forget that the properties of the water used in the pond are different with the properties of water used in the previous method. For the pond then the water properties should be in 330 mg/liter for the level of salinity then the temperature should stays in between the 32 degree down to 16 degree of Celsius.
Actually the result that this farming method provided is very large which will make up a lot of amount. Especially since the result can reach around, 19 tons to 20 tons of grouper fisher in one hectare of the pond. As you can see, this result is very large which surely help with the supply of grouper fish in Indonesia to the world market. These also make them able to get large part of the market share especially in this specific industry. There is no doubt that the great production quality that the country has also gives grouper fish product high quality which searches by market people around the world.

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