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Wednesday 28 February 2018

Canned Sardines Manufacturers

Canned sardines manufacturers have been doing a good job in the seafood industry for years. Although it is not as popular as canned tuna, but sardines can be a nice alternative for tuna, salmon, and other larger fish. Sardine is a tiny fish in size and it has soft texture with small bones that sometimes edible to be consumed, good to get calcium nutrition for our bones and overall body. Sardines are also fishy, but it can be mixed with other seasonings to make it less fishy for those who do not like too much fishy seafood.
Sardines can be replacing tuna in many recipes; they are good to be added in your salad or sandwich. You can even eat sardines directly with warm rice if you have no problem with the fishy smell. You can also cook it again with various ways with additional seasonings to make it more flavored. Just simply frying the canned sardines, do not forget to drain the oils inside the can first before you using the fish. Sardines are best when cooked with frying method because it will turn very crispy with nice texture.
All products from the canned sardines manufacturers
Canned sardines manufacturers product packed with omega-3 fatty acids, minerals, protein, and vitamins. They are healthy seafood to be consumed as part of your healthy diet. Sardines are also less in mercury level than other larger bigger fish. More importantly, sardine is considered as one of the most healthiest and sustainable seafood in this industry. If you want to get a meal packed with nutrient but low in mercury then you can grab sardine fish. But, beware of the sodium level of sardine, because sardine fish tend to have higher sodium than other fish like tuna. You better not add more salt when you consume sardine to avoid over consume of sodium.
Sardines packaged in so many styles, they are minimally processed unlike canned tuna or salmon. Most of the sardines are beheaded and cooked then packaged inside cans. Since sardines are small, they also have small bones thus they do not need to be deboned. Some people also love to eat sardines bones to get more calcium nutrition.
There is no limit with you can do to canned sardines, you can make incredible salads, sandwich, or other fish recipes using sardines. Sardines in can available with various weight, styles, and seasonings, here are some of the products available which you can find at grocery stores:
-          Baby sardines in oil: This product using young sardines and they are available mostly packaged in oils. Just like regular canned sardines, baby sardines have soft texture and they are suitable best for salad.
-          Sardines in hot tomato sauce: If you like sardines with special seasonings then you can select sardines with additional hot tomato sauce flavor. This can be cooked into various recipes including tomato soup, spaghetti, and many more.
-          Sardines in oils: Canned sardines are also available in oils such as vegetable oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, etc. Sardines in oil usually have better flavor than sardines in brine or water because the oils can perfectly hold the taste. However, if you ask which is the healthiest sardines in oils then you may need to select sardines in olive oil than sunflower or vegetable oil because olive oil is way healthy than both of the canned sardines styles.
-          Other canned sardines styles: Sardine in tomato sauce, sardine in mustard sauce, sardines with lemon in oils, sardines with jalapeno, and so on.
If you want to experience various sardine styles, but you never eat sardine before then we suggest that you start from sardine in olive oil first. Sardine in olive oil has delicious taste and it is healthy, moreover they have light flavor than other canned sardines with additional seasonings.
More information regarding canned sardines manufacturers products
Several questions might be asked by people who never experience or eat sardines before such as:
1.      What are sardines?
Sardine is a small oily fish packed with nutrition like omega-3, protein, mineral, and vitamins. Sardines contain lower level of pollutant than other bigger fish such as tuna, swordfish, shark, and marlin.
2.      What is the shelf life of canned sardines in the market?
It is vary depending on the whether the canned sardines are packed in sauces or oils. And of course also the condition of how the canned sardines are stored, but generally, canned sardines can be kept for months to years when it is in the unopened state. If the canned sardines already opened, you need to use it 1 to 2 days right after you open the can.
3.      How can I eat sardines?
Sardines can be enjoyed with so many ways and you can prepare them in numbers of delicious recipes. The most popular one is sardines used as salad or sandwich. In Asia like Indonesia, sardines are popularly cooked with pan fried method which resulted in crispy texture.
4.      Are there any preservatives added to the canned sardines?
Most of the canned sardines manufacturers usually add no preservatives during the canning process. They are already gone during the heat sterilization process in the factory and thus the sardines remain sterile and fresh till the can of the fish is opened.
5.      Can I customize the canned sardines products?
Well, it is depend on the canned tuna suppliers. Some of the manufacturers are willing to produce canned tuna based on their customer’s order and preference. When we talk about customization it is meaning that the customers can order specific details of canned sardine products including the weight, ingredients, cans, labeling, and the type of the sardine fish.
Before you order canned sardine from canned sardines manufacturers, you better ask for some sample first. You can contact the suppliers directly or you can send them emails to ask for a sample. Large and popular canned sardines suppliers usually are willing to ship few samples of their canned sardine product. This is a good way to ensure the quality of their canned sardines manufacturers product.

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